Available now! We have still have yearling rams and ewes for sale.

Available after weening!We are now accepting reservations for ewe and ram lambs that were born in March and April 2020. Available roughly by the end of May 2018.

We want to promote the Katahdin breed of sheep for all farmers both big and small. We have registered Katahdin sheep stock and have sheep for most budgets. The registered dams and sires are on the property. We are willing to work with all size flocks to try to fit sheep to your budget.

We have seen the Katahdin breed go from a few farms to the number one registered breed in America.

Why Katahdin is one question we have heard from our first time Katahdin clients. The answer is they do not need sheering since they are a hair breed. You do not need to dock their tails due to the hair coats. They have wonderful mild flavored lamb meat. Their coats are thick in the winter and they shed in the warmer weather. The breed started in Maine and now is here in Nebraska.

They are a prolific breed and the Rams and Ewes are easy keepers. If you have children in 4-H, the ewes are a wonderful animal for your child.

They are easy to care for In all parts of the country. Our sheep live off the pasture grass and weeds. In the winter we feed them hay from our property.

We give them one shot of CD & T annually to protect them. It cost us $8.99 to do 25 sheep. Larger flocks can buy the medicine in a larger size. If you are a first timer, we can show you how you can give the shot so no vet is needed.

We answer all questions now and in the future.

In 2016, we added a blog to our website just for fun. You can view our blog from our web site if you want to. Otherwise, we have pictures of the animals that are for sale or have sold in the past.

In the past we have had yearling Rams available year round but this year we have had so many new and past clients for Rams that they have all sold. We do have one ram we have used for the past 3 breeding cycles that will be for sale. He is sired by Doc and looks a lot like him. Medium brown with a white and smoke colored face. RR, scrapie free. Very mild personally with people and a go getter with the ewes.

Our Katahdin Sheep Stock

All our breeding stock is KHSI Registered, 100% codon tested, US certified free of Scrapie NE #0056.

Majority are RR. Excellent breeding stock.

Come look at our multiple choices and reserve them now.

Don’t forget to ask us about a starter package.

Call (402) 443–5174 and ask for Cheryl or Paul.